Radon app from Sun Nuclear

I’m mostly retired from residential inspections but I saw something today that sounded interesting. Sun Nuclear has an app to set up and record measurements from all its devices and supposedly it works off a cell phone.

Read about it here (SUN NUCLEAR APP)](https://radon.sunnuclear.com/news/sun-nuclear-releases-oneradon-software-suite)

Has anyone tried this out?

It is interesting if it works!

yea i’d like to know too. and what about sun nuclear? does anyone have experience using their brand products? do they function well? the article says they’ve been in business since 1986.

Sun Nuclear is one of the most used brand of radon monitors. Been around longer than most inspectors.

I do use the Sun Nuclear Models 1028 & have used them for over 5 years. Units are great.
I have not, however, been successful with the OneRadon application - it seems to generate everything properly, but the attachment sent is via .zip file & I have no success in unzipping (as a client would need to do) - anyone out there having success?

I just got a “special” cable that came with a CD to read my 1027 with the app. Cable is $45.00 but looks like a $10.00 cable. Is it different? Time will tell. Sun Nuclear was very helpful when I contacted them about the new app.

I use SN 1028s also. For the app to work, you need to buy some electronic gizmos to get the machines online. No thank you. I’ll keep my money. I don’t need to monitor the radon levels in progress…I’ll get the data when I pick up the machine.

I am starting my radon services soon and looking to purchase a crm and this one looks like the best option for me so far. I really like how they have the app. Would this be a good device to start my testing with or should I start with a less expensive route?