Sun Nuclear Radon Monitors for Sale

I am selling two Sun Nuclear 1027 Continuous Radon Monitors.

They are both in excellent, operating condition. Both will require calibration. Come with hard case, power supply, keys, and a serial-to-USB cable. Photos available upon request.

I have a third that needs service along with calibration from Sun Nuclear ($225 for both). I can include this one as well for an additional $50 if interested.

The user’s manual and OneRadon software are both available online at ( I have been using the Serial USB app for my reports (available in App/ Play Store)

I switched to another manufacturer per request of a radon mitigation system installer for whom I have been performing post radon testing.

Asking $300/ each plus shipping.

John G. Stavlas, CPI
Stavlas Home Inspections

How OLD are they?
(Year of Manufacture)?

Hi Jeffrey. I can post photos when I arrive back home this afternoon.