Radon: charge more for canisters or for CRM?

Do you charge more when using canisters because of the 50ish dollar overnight shipping? Or do you charge more when using a CRM because you can give the client an immediate result? Basically, which one is more profitable?

You charge what the market will bear no matter what device you use. You can do your own research on how much approved CRM’s or cannisters cost and evaluate RUI accordingly.

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Try RTCA for your radon canisters

So basically, start high and see what happens?

$47.90 for 2 cans with shipping. That seems really expensive. Does that price include the overnight shipping back to the lab? I’m in Utah so maybe that has something to do with it.

I did not say that. Come to your own conclusion as the market or your business model dictates.



Air chek seems a lot cheaper. I don’t know if that includes shipping back to the lab though. And the asterisk says only 1 3-pack per customer.

I pay less than 30 for the two test kits. Call them to set up an account

Wow! Does that price include return shipping overnight?

CRM is the industry standard for real estate here in Oregon. I haven’t seen anyone use anything else. They are more reliable and accurate than charcoal canisters, while also giving higher fidelity data. A decent CRM will take at least hourly measurements, temperature, pressure, humidity, and detect tampering (like if someone moves into a closet or something). Most folks charge $150.

Charcoal canisters are easily affected by humidity, airflow, and only given you an average that is skewed towards the end of the testing period.

Taking a radon training course would help show you the trade-offs of the different testing methods


Thanks. What do you recommend for a decent CRM? And do any CRM sellers offer loan programs?

They have lease programs. Not sure how that works but I know some inspectors use this service.

Thanks Brian. Sorry but by loan I meant I could finance 4 or 5 monitors.

You can purchase good used ones (less than 10 years old) for less than $500. Pick them up as you go and expand.

Thanks Brian. What do you think is the best website to buy a used one on?

I see them here quite often. Keep your eye out and catch a deal.

You have other choices.

I’ve been using Eperms for years.
Check them out.



Don’t they require a lot of extra equipment just to use them?

I see a lot of sun nuclear monitors on ebay. Are they good? Do I need a printer or can I upload the report online and email it to clients? Thanks.

Thanks Brian.