Radon Liciencing

Just curious what other states were requiring to be a state liceinced radon measurement provider. Here in MN, next year it will be required. I have attached a website documenting what they will be requiring. Seems like a lot of Bull#$%@ just for a few extra bucks. Gonna have to raise my fees considerably I guess.


It’s required here in Florida, which is funny because most areas have low radon levels. Some pockets are coming up close to a 4. My areas of Hillsborough County and Miami Dade County are in the orange level. I don’t understand licensing for this. Doesn’t the machine do most of the work. I would love to add this on. I can’t even get a license in Florida you have to have a bachelors degree in Science.

I recently relocated form Illinois to Florida - for the last 2 years I was warning inspectors about the radon licensing act in MN - they are so close to Illinois - which has ridiculous requirements, at least that is what I thought till I got to Florida -
These requirements need to be challenged and changed - residential radon measurements don’t need to be a lab precise experiment. If the purpose is to encourage measurement the over regulated guidelines just hinder measurement.
Too political - in Illinois the department of nuclear safety runs the radon programs - crazy. thanks for letting me vent

Any licensing only creates more revenue for the states, educational companies, insurance companies, and trade associations.

They do not, and never will, benefit home buyers and consumers. Any licensing is a basic, minimal requirement.

Radon laws where implemented here in Kansas in 2011, and are never enforced or policed. Many testers give radon tests for free, and reap the lost revenue into the fees of mitigation, needed or not. Personally, I caught a tester with a CRM that was giving false high readings, and making tons of money to the spouse who installed the mitigation systems. Any electronic device can, and does, gets adjusted to print out anything the tester wants.

Dear radon test law providers: ITS A MACHINE!!! How can you absolutely trust them? They can be manipulated.

I use Air-Chek kits, but with cost, travel, and shipping, I have to charge a high fee to get lab results: not machine results. Some testers here are $79 and lower, and many are free. Hard to compete for free. Kansas laws just pushed us little guys out of the way so they can test with “their” CRM’s and make thousands on mitigation equipment. All they did was create a scam. The governor saw that the old HI laws were bad, and got them out.

Radon will soon follow.

A master list of states requiring certification for the inspectors would be great for sure!