Should we bother with "Radon Testing" in Florida

How many of you all out there have paid the “fee” to officially perform a proper “Radon” Test? I have my reservations/concerns about the variety of tests on the market and how inaccurate they all are. There are too many variables. I could pay $110 for the “PSI Registration Instructions for Entry Level
Certification Exams” to become certified but unless you are willing to invest in the proper equipment… what the heck is the point? Do you get your kit from “inspector outlet”, send to lab and feel you completed your service? I am just having reservations about the process… It seems pointless. Unless you find severe cracks in slab or poor ventilation of the foundation, aren’t you just wasting the clients money and your time? I would appreciate your feedback… Thanks for your time!

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Your area has very low levels of radon predicted according to the EPA, so I wouldn’t bother. I live in the hot zone and frequently find high levels. In some real estate deals it’s actually required. But you look to be in a safe zone, according to the map. And it’s not about cracks or ventilation so much, it’s about the geology. Rocky landscapes = high radon.


Thanks Christi… That is what I have been preaching for years. My competition still takes the money and run.

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I never noticed any mountains in Florida. That’s crappy that the competition fear mongers like that. Don’t get sucked in.

Be thankful for where you are. I have radon in my area. Hate doing these. Due to competition I have to lower my rate so much it’s a loss financially (plus you gotta return to pick it up).

But it’s part of the deal sometimes and I can’t refuse to do them. Cost of business right?

Hey Ryan. What kind of levels do you get in Tallahasee? I just got my highest reading of 24 the other day. And I always tell my clients, “Look, the EPA set a random limit of 4. Scandinavia says 17 is fine.” I hate this testing so much.

Brother, I am sorry for your pain!

Thanks again Ryan & Christi,
In a former life, I actually used to be a Marketing Rep for “Pro Labs”. That’s why I question this entire part of doing business with a Radon Testing option. I know that typically, there is no chance that Radon will test positive. Especially in my area. By the way, for anyone reading this thread… There is a “Florida” website that sends you a free kit. I direct some to clients to conatct - . Also, Home Depot and Lowe’s sell a kit. But, If it really concerns them, they need Professional Radon Remediation with the right equipment.

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Something I’ve been told recently here in coastal NC is that the granite countertops sold in many popular home improvement stores comes from China and has a high enough radon count it is forbidden to be used there. So they are establishing a radon course here for that alone. My problem is if the granite isn’t allowed there how is it here? Anyone else hear about this?

Unfortunately the only way to know if radon is a problem is to test for it. In my area about half of our tests come back high. If your concerned about it, then educate yourself. Foundation types don’t matter.

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I live in an area that doesn’t have a radon problem so I never really need to test for it, but I have a digital radon tester (about $200) so no need to pay anyone else for anything if I need to perform a radon test. The tester has to be left onsite for a minimum of 48 hours and picked back up later.

The Europeans measure radon by Bq/m3. not by pCi/L

so what measurement is the 17 you mentioned.

Like to see a simple conversion chart

You must be certified by the state to do radon in Florida. I am but do 4 to 5 tests a year. Mostly people from the north. Radon can be in the home from stone flooring, counter tops and ect. But I do not push it.

1 pCi/l = 37 Bq/m3

Thanks Steven… I appreciate your time & Info. I never offered nor have been asked for it. I wanted to know if it was worth the time… You answered that. Thanks!

I’ve been subcontracting the radon tests so far but i will have to become a tech now since big realtor brokers like guys that offer it at a lower rate. They wanna work with me but they need me to match price. Real fine balance with these kind of things

Here is a map of radon areas of concern in the US form the EPA,

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Great Link Mark, Thank you for posting it. I was considering this but Sarasota Florida looks low on radon levels. But if you listen to the news here they are killing everyone. The media promotes mayhem.

I suppose we could ask that about testing in general, should we bother…? In the final analysis, anything we can do to educate and help a potential buyer understand everything there is to know about what will probably be the largest investment in their lifetime, should be done. Should we do water analysis for public water and not just private wells? Ask the folks in Flint Michigan… I am not saying we should use fear or our competition to decide whether or not to execute radon tests but rather understanding and let the client decide. Get educated about the physics of radon and the various aspects of testing and maintaining compliance and pass it on…