Radon Mitigation

Anyone have any good mitigation links. Had an unusaully high test result come back today and client is freaking out to say the least. As he should. Thanks for the help guys. Lady at the lab said house is close to being uninhabitable. Which you make sense by the ungodly number that came back on the results.


How high was the reading?

This was the second test. Someone else tested it last month, and had a reading of 75 I believe. My results came back at 91.2 average. I have never seen results that high. I talked to a few people in my area here and they say they have seen the same numbers but very rarely. Feel bad, cause the house is only 3 years old. Looks like they have some fixing to do before selling this one though. Thanks by the way.

Ian keep us posted on this would ya

The highest record in Idaho was just east of Boise at 400

Glad it wasn’t me, or would that give my hair back??

If it leads to hair growth I’m in. I’ll keep ya posted.

Homeowner or buyer should never freak out. Installing a Mitigation system to reduce the radon level to an acceptable level is normally easy to do. I’m just wondering why they didn’t install the mitigation system from the first test?

The seller did the first test and disclosed it. Now the buyer wanted their own test done, the wife is freaking out but husband is a bit more calm about. Wants to just get it fixed and move in. Wife thinks they’ll have to bulldoze the house. Said she saw it on Home Makeover, I think she said. Apparentally they blew a house up with radon in it. I have to meet with them this morning again, so I will let you all know what goes on. Thanks.

Now that makes good sence!
Radon in Hollywood!

Why the heck didn’t the sellers “fix” instead of “Disclosing” the issue?

It would have cost much less than it is going to cost them now!
Add lost sale to the price of mitigation.

Exactly, agent thought it was false. Was on the phone with agent for the last hour and a half this morning. I just said FIX it.

JEEZ!! Fixing it shouldn’t be that expensive.

the average is about 800 to 2500 depending on weather or not its a basement or crawlspace, again it is a very simple procedure.

Here is a link to a guy who did the remediation for a homeowner I tested last year. He has done a number of jobs for NACHI members in my area.



What kind of monitor are the using? I would check with an Indoor Air Consultant. Try checking out this website, they will guide you to a consultant in your areawww.esaassociation.com
If you can find the sourse you might be able to remedy the situation, Remember the house is like a vacume cleaner it pulls the radon gas into the house. And todays houses are so air tight it sucks the Radon gas from the ground. Maybe adding make up air into the HVAC system would help reduce some of the Intrusion. but Finding the sorse witha grab sampling device might better help locate were the intrusion is. What type of Foundation and slab do you have? and if it was mitigated how was it done. There are a lot of hidden factors that might be causing the the intrusion. Outside sampling may help also, Finding the sourse of the radium for example. The Type of fill dirt that was used durring construction. There also could be sourses in the house causing the the results to be so high. Granite Countertops, Granite Flooring. Flagstone walls on the interior. Take a look at the house as a whole and try to be a CSI investigator to locate the sourse after testing the outside. Even the house location with respect to the Wind rate and dirrection, the wind speed could have some factors that add to the Radon Gas level being so high. For instance if you live on a hill with winds of over 30mph.