Radon monitor calibration

I am getting ready to have my Sun Nuclear 1027 calibrated. I would like to use Radon Corporations $99 service however they are not listed as certified by either the NRSB or the NEHA NRPP. I believe that these 2 organizations are the only ones that can certify a chamber for calibration. Does anyone know if this is the case?


Give Wayne a Call.

He will work with you to accomplish your calibration needs…



You get what you pay for, so do it right and contact Dr. Jenkins at Bowser-Morner, Inc. http://www.bowser-morner.com/calispiking.html

They can also perform a background check on the monitors, a necessary step that is often skipped by the cheap services. Dr. Jenkins and staff are authorized by Sun Nuclear to perform calibrations on their instruments and the result will be the best calibration service available.

Shawn Price


“comply with PADEP yearly 16 hour requirements.”

this right?

I agree with Shawn.

The NRSB and NEHA-NRPP only certify people/businesses not equipment. The equipment needs to be sent to a company on the list from either of these Certifying organizations as acceptable companies for calibration if you are following EPA or Manufacturer Protocol.

Thanks for the reply. I was leaning towards Bowser Morner as well. I have spoken with Dr. Jenkens and do think that they will do a good job.