CRM Calibration

I have 2 Sun Nuclear and 1 Alpha 2 radon monitors that need to be calibrated.

I heard Sun Nuclear is $170.00 ($150 for calibration/ $20 shipping) and they take a few weeks on average.

RCA is $140.00 total and back in a week.

Gemmill is another company that calibrates equipment.

Anyone used RCA or Gemmill?

Just curious… are you ready to spend $1,000 ANUALLY so you can use those fine pieces of equipment in the State of Minnesota?

I got until July 1st, 2016, after that the tests I do get paid $250.00 or I sell my equipment.

That’s how I feel about paying $600.00 a year to be able to Radon test.

Don’t forget the exam fee of $125, and you know they will still require the farce of training that is currently about $450. Btw… the 2016 date is only for one or two exceptions. Honestly, I didn’t bother to try and figure out what those were.

I though I would get the Realtors to begin panicking, and “mentioned” it to yesterdays agent, that it would be getting more difficult to find Inspector testers, and or, Radon testing was about to get a whole lot more expensive. I also warned her to check the credentials of anyone offering the service, as I am sure there will be plenty of ‘scabs’ to go around in this “good old boy” society we call Minnesota!

Just talked to Gimmill, $120 each for the Sun Nuclear and $10.00 to ship back.

Guy said he has calibrated 16,000 Sun Nuclear 1027’s

Realtors will be asking people to skip the tests.

This is just step** 2** towards mandating Radon testing of all homes sold in MN.

Step 1 was Seller disclosure of any Radon test results of the home, which as you know became effective January 1, 2014.

I am all for keeping people safe and healthy. I wish we could do it without government involvement.

Did a radon test last year where the agent asked me for the results an hour after I set the canisters and I told her 48 hours were needed to test.

Her answer: I usually use a guy who gives me the results in an hour?

He probably one of those cheapy (not approved for real estate transactions) personal devices like has been discussed on this MB!!:shock:


Yeh probably, but sorry to say the RE agent seems to like the 1 hour test.

I have been working with Wayne Gemmill for over 15 years for my annual certifications as well as Continuing Education.

Awesome job and reasonable pricing.

There is equipment where you can obtain an instant result … “Grab Sampling”

However, it is not recognized as a methodology suitable for Real Estate Transactions / Transfer.

Talked to Wayne and he is doing my 1027’s.

Probably sell the Alpha 2 on ebay.