Radon Monitors

I have been leasing the radalink monitors and wanted to ask if any inspectors are using either the sun nuclear or fenotec monitors.

I am tired of paying the lease per monitor and was interested in buying the monitors.



I also got tired of paying $75.00 a month and $25 a test from radalink. I have been using the sun nuclear for 6 months. I have nothing but good things too say about the machine. It did take me awhile to make a report print out that I liked. I paid for my machine with five tests, now it is just profit.

Good Luck

Sun… I charge $225.00 per test. Pay off quick.


I own 10 Sun Nuclear Model 1027 Monitors in addition to the E-Perms that I also use.

Sun Nuclear is the way to go.


Return on investment is very good.

I have purchased all of my equipment thru Wayne Gemmill at Gemmill Labs.