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Hi Everyone!

I would like to switch to a CM and was hoping someone could give some suggestions as to the best and most cost effective units out there. I know I can get a Sun Nuclear for under $700 but didn’t know how good they are. Was also wondering where I may be able to lease some CM’s for when more than one unit is needed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

ditto… interested as well…

If you use a Sun Nuclear monitor you will need to create your own QA/QP.

I own 3 Sun monitors (1027) and they work well for me.

I used to lease Radalink monitors and they provide most of the paperwork(QA/QP, quarterly records)

Advantage less paperwork. Disadvantage is cost, lease fee, pay per test.

There are other companies that sell CM.

David, do you remember what the cost was?

I currently have 10 Sun Nuclear 1027 models purchased thru Wayne Gemmill in Paupack, PA.

Here is the link to his website:

I paid a different price for all three.

One I bought from an inspector for $300.
I bought one from Sun for $600
I bought one online for $500

If you look around you may find one for a decent price.

Check I got my monitor there still in the box with warranty, software and printer for 500.00

Got my Sun Nuclear 1027 off of Ebay. Don’t spend more than $400.00 on there otherwise it is more cost effective to buy a new one with factory calibration. If you buy a used one, figure on the extra cost of sending it to get it calibrated and if your state requires you to participate in a Radon Proficency Program the first time you are getting certified for that type of equipment.

On the charcoal canisters, I typically charge ($150 without a home inspection or $100 with one). Do you guys that use the CM’s charge more since it might be tied up for longer than a few days?

I charge depending on the distance from my home and if I am doing an inspection.

I charge anywhere from $100 to $150.

I also give a $10 discount if it is a Angie’s list referral.

Thanks for the referral. I’ll check it out.

We use about 20 -30 femto tech monitors.
Used Radalink for a while back in 2000, then switched to femto tech.
13,000 radon tests later, we will never use anything but femto tech with reports from Air Chek . We also use several hundred charcoals from Air Chek each year for schools, etc. and we run a charcoal test with every monitor as a quality control test. Some say that is over kill, but we feel we do the best job that way, apparently so does the public.
No one thought Southwest Florida had much radon when we started, the EPA recently gave Florida a grant to study radon in Collier and Lee Counties (Southwest Florida).
Air Chek and femto tech are great to work with.

Doug Wall, CIE
WallRadon Testing, Inc. RB1938
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