Radon Test equipment for sale-great deal!

I am a former Home Inspector and member of NACHI until a couple years ago when I was forced into retirement due to some health issues. I also offered Radon Testing as a part of my services and would now like to sell all the test equipment I have.

I used the ion chamber method of testing and have a lot of good equipment and supplies I’d like to sell. My electret reader is a relatively new Rad-Elec Sper1E with very little usage and is in excellent…almost new condition, with the calibration period still good until 8/18/24. I also have 4 tamper-proof double deployment boxes, 10 short term ion chambers, 11 short term electrets (6 with full charges and the other 5 still deployable with over 200 volts.) Finally, I have 5 Tyvek deployment bags. All totaled, to purchase all my equipment and supplies directly from Rad-Elec would cost about $3245.00. I’m happy to offer someone interested a very good deal. I was going to go another route to unload everything but thought I’d give the NACHI association membership first crack at a great opportunity.

My name is Bob Huska and my membership number is NACHI09052612. My phone is 717-578-3010 and my email is bhhomeinspection@reagan.com. If you are interested in discussing this further, contact me by phone or email and let’s make a deal!
Bob Huska

Bob, you may want to copy a link to this post and place it here in the “classified” section also. No need to rewrite it again. :wink:

Also… include the asking price you hope to sell for, including shipping fees.

IMO, an “Ad without the price” is no different than a car parked on the side of the road with “FOR SALE” painted on the window, but no price! I may slow down to get a glimpse at the vehicle, but if there’s no price, I will not stop. If you can’t be bothered to give me a clue what you want for it… I deem it as overpriced and not worth my time, regardless how much I may be interested.
Just sayin’.

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I understand your point. I didn’t include the asking price figuring the only response would be from someone looking to expand their services by adding this specific ancillary inspection service. I would encourage anyone who is not yet offering Radon Testing but would like to, to give this strong consideration because it’s the entire package to hit the ground running with charged electrets, a newer Reader still calibrated and enough supplies…all in very good condition… to perform multiple tests at once…at a lot less investment than having to purhase it all new. I took very good care of my equipment.

But…I get it, so I’d like to get $2,200 for everything, although that is still negotiable. I would also hope for the opportunity to provide more detailed information via a phone conversation regarding the vast array of equipment that is included, the excellent condition the Reader is in that really makes it a great deal, not to mention the awesome customer service that Rad-Elec provides, which is a valuable asset in itself.
Thank for the response. I hope this helps.
Bob Huska

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I appreciate your advice Mr. Glaze and will do as you suggest!