Radon test for offices?

I did a 15 year old office park on slab inspection today for a future medical clinic. A doctor inquired about possible radon risk. Offices on slab or not, I realize that radon can potentially seep through any crack so should I tell him if he has a concern to get a test?

Yes… Slab, basement or crawl… It doesn’t really matter. Source, Proximity, and Pathway are the three things that dictate if a building is going to have elevated radon or not. Bottom line… Test. That is the only way you can know.

Thanks, Mark. I don’t know what I was thinking…a slab is a slab. :wink: If there are any Illinois radon testers reading this gibber, do you test commercial? If so I have a Schaumburg job for you.

I sent an emial on this!