Radon test location

Tomorrows inspection with Radon testing set-up. Home is a 2 story with unfinished basement. Standard protocol is to place the testing devices on the lowest habitable level, which currently is the main level.

My Client has indicated that he is planning on finishing the basement, which will convert it to a habitable space.

Question: Should I follow protocol for the current use of the home, or the future intended use of the home?

Note: Home is FSBO, and Client has indicated he will be making the purchase, irrelevant of what the HI and Radon testing reveals. I already informed my client that the renovation of the basement may change Radon levels in the home and that he should have a long term Radon test performed after purchasing the home.

Thank you in advance,

Test the basement.

That is my thought also. Thanks Mike.

“You should test in the lowest level of the home that could be used regularly. This means testing in the lowest level that you currently live in or a lower level not currently used, but which a buyer might use as a family room or play area, etc.”

few changes made in “homebuyers and sellers guide to radon”
we always leave a copy with each test, they are free from gov., you can place a label with your info on them.
We have them printed in 8x11 format and have the back page with advertising.

Appreciate the info Doug!

If it turns out that your client has to get a mitigation system, (could be messy - holes in the floor …) wouldn’t it be best to get the mitigation done before he renovates the basement? … and then do another test after the renovation. I’m guessing that you have started the test in the basement.

Hi Janet,
Yes, you are correct.
When he first made contact for the home inspection, I asked if he would like the home tested for Radon. He did not hesitate to say ‘yes’. His current home needed a mitigation system installed (basement already finished). He is prepared to install a system before finishing the basement in this home.
Yes, test started, and will be retreiving this evening.

Just to add my 2 cents… lowest habitable level, means the lowest level that someone COULD live in. So an unfinished basement is habitable. What would not be habitable would be a crawlspace, or a basement with a dirt floor. So whenever doing a test for a RE transaction, if the house has a basement, you are going to test in the basement (with very few exceptions.) If you are doing a test for the homeowner, then it is the owners choice. Either the lowest habitable level, or lowest used level. I still always recommend lowest habitable level.

Here’s a few more cents worth…More often then not, mitigation is the responsibility of the seller … so in essence your adding more savings to your client’s purchase.