Radon testing information

Hello my fellow Inspectors.

I need some advice on Radon testing in Ohio.

Some of my potential clients have been asking me if I can do Radon testing and I am tired of saying no to them.

What is the cost for getting certified in this field? Schooling? State fees?

Any information would be helpful. Thanks!

~Sean Strieter - CPI
Foundation 2 Roof Home Inspectors, LLC

Hi Sean, go to the Ohio Department of Health website for information and the license application. I think the fee is $400.00 plus you need training from an approved source ( online training is not approved) I think the training was $500.00.
Though, I generally tell my clients to purchase a long term test kit (90 days +) from homedepot/etc.The test kit is $50.00 . IMO the long term test is a better barometer than a 48 hour test.

This last January 1st, after 15 years, I stopped offering Radon testing. Minnesota enacted a useless, POS, Radon law that is obviously nothing more than a money grab. Given all my years of experience and training, I would have had to still jump through all their hoops, and fee’s, and BS. It was an easy business decision. The ROI has never been profitable, and for an inspector, was never intended to be. I now let all the lackeys that like running around for a chump change have my Radon biz. No, I refer no-one. I no longer take any responsibility for anything Radon related!!

Sounds right. Would have cost me about $1,000 overall. F*** that!!!

That’s great for a homeowner’s test, but doesn’t work for a Real Estate Transaction test.

JJ, I certainly agree with you!

HomeSpection offers Radon classes and exam. They are in Canton. I am just getting out of the Radon business if you are in need of a tester. I have a sun nuclear model 1030 continuous radon monitor. It’s just a couple years old…paid $1300 and will sell it for $500… if interested.

Hi Scott,
I’m a new inspector from Canton and I’m interested in your CRM. Give me a call:
Tim Harper