Rafters Offset

This mornings’ inspection was a foreclosure and the buyer’s agent assured me all utilities were on BUT of course water was off and plumbing was winterized so I’ll be returning next week. The buyer and I did a walk through anyway, roof structure is 2 x 6 rafters with a ridge board. Several of the rafters are offset where they meet the ridge board, most are not. The house is 12 years old, looking at the roof from the outside everything is smooth and straight. Are a few offset rafters an ISSUE in a roof that otherwise looks fine ?
Thanks !

Nope. Can you imagine how they might cause any problem? It would be nice if they opposed, it would be cleaner framing, but structurally they won’t cause any problem unless they were crucial in some other respect. The ridge will average out opposing pressures from rafters which are offset. Well, if it were a 1x ridge and a rafter were placed on a section with a big knot or a split… but generally… no problem.

I appreciate your information Kenton !