Railing balluster code?

Does anybody know when the 4" balluster code for railings came into effect?

Has anybody seen a vent installed from the outside that goes to the boiler but stops just above the blower motor? What’s it for?

I inspected a modular unit today, built in 99’, in the attic, they used this. Any comments?



4" ballister has been in effect for awhile here, not sure when exactly

I beieve that vent would be your combustion air drawn from outside and fan assisted.

The vapor barrier on that insulation should be towards the conditioned (IE: heated)area.

anybody, feel free to correct me if im wrong on any points here,wouldn’t be the first time

Not only is there lack of venting, but cardboard is being used between rafters versus something like rafter-vent. I’ve never seen cardboard there.


Insulation is in contact with the roof decking— BAD

Insulation is blocking the soffit venting— BAD

Insulation vapor barrier is installed basakwards----BAD

Recommend new house with properly installed insulation.:p:p

I think cardboard is OK as long as it is doing it’s job, which in this case it is not.:neutral:

I have seen cardboard baffles installed and it will function as intended when Properly Installed

I have not seen what you have posted…


Are you posting to me?

I didnt see that as cardboard, looks to me like some of the vapor barrier stapled to the rafters

It is definately cardboard between every rafter. I did note also that there were 2 unopened boxes of gable venting in the basement. I wonder why?:o

The insulation is in 2-6" layers, the bottom layer is correctly installed with the barrier against the sheetrock, the top layer is a different story.


When the first child or dog was injured with 4¼" balusters.
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Check your City/County Building department for the year that the code was enforced for the baluster spacing. Every styate has a different date as it was not enforced totally everywhere. Some counties/states have a “grandfather clause” on items such as this. That does not mean it is right but some places it is allowed until changes are made to the unit/structure and modifications are then mandatory. This is the case in my county. I have come across it many times in my Decking business as well as Home Inspections. Just my two cents.


Scott: About 12-18 months on the baluster code.


I was agreeing with you.

Cardboard baffles installed in a Truss roof application is quite common in this area.