Ramset In Place of Anchor Bolts?

I have been doing some phase inspections in the central Texas area and have found a couple of different builders that use Ramset anchors in place of anchor bolts. I can’t find anywhere where this should be acceptable on exterior walls. One builder looks like they do a combo of some type of bracing and the ramset fyi. Is this acceptable now?

What have you found that says they are not acceptable?

I didn’t deep dive, here is some info

As Brian points out it is wrong without anchor bolts or other approved anchor methods. Also don’t forget any interior braced wall panels.

Re “some type of bracing and the ramset” can you show a picture of this “some type of bracing”?

The only time anchoring is not required is if the Design Engineer states otherwise and puts his stamp on the plans. The Engineer can trump the building codes every time.

You need to be careful performing phase inspections. If you are not knowledgeable of the building codes, plans, etc., you may want to rethink doing these. Even though TREC does not control a phase inspection they still control your license and can step in if you perform these under the guise of your license. Also your E&O carrier is not going to be happy if you make a significant error on a phase inspection if your E&O covers them.

Last I was active, Ramset was allowed around here.

1895? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ramset Wedge anchors, but not pins.

Yeah, the “red heads”.



Ramset nails/pins don’t have the strength or holding capabilities of an embedded anchor bolt or a “Red head” wedge anchor. Around here just the nails would not be allowed on a load bearing exterior wall. But that’s here, and not Texas. As stated earlier, if the engineer put it in the plans, it would be on them when the system fails…

Ok, thanks for the input. They are the pins. This is happening outside of city limits.

You mean it’s happening out of hot coffee and warm donuts range?

I see these here in central Texas as well. I am guessing the other anchors you are seeing are the MASA anchors.

Ramset, Dewalt, Hilti and the other manufacturers have ICC certification on the correct usage of these shot pins which boils down to them needing to be a maximum of 3’ apart is the way I understand it. These are not designed to prevent uplift, rather they are to prevent lateral movement.

The MASA anchors, on the other hand, do help prevent uplift as well as lateral movement. They too have their ICC certification and are quite genius, really. Fast to install, hard to screw up, and strong. These are often in conjunction with the shot pins.

Do a google search for the ICC evaluation reports. I nerd out on this stuff in my free time.

I have been pushing folks hard to get phase inspections done. I do a few of them every week. Just did a final today and found outlets with hot/ground reversed. The insane demand has pushed the builders to work at ludicrous speed and lots LOTS of big mistakes are being made.

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Where codes are not enforced. Seen that more than once. I know we do not do code enforcement, but it is the standard of practice in the industry to provide J-bolts to anchor a sole plate down.

Great, Thanks everyone. I will check out the MASA anchors too.