Shot Concrete nail vs anchor bolts

I know what the IRS says about anchor bolts and attaching the base plate. Now does anyone know of any area where it is acceptable to use only shot concrete nails for the entire base plate. Track builders in the San Antonio area are using this method. Comments please.

Not allowed in FL on the exterior walls…interior ok.

Never been OK in CA, CO, or WA. Anchor bolts are to address uplift. Pins sunk with a powder-actuated gun like a Ramset or Hilti vary in their hold down power according to the characteristics of the concrete they’re shot into and the amount of penetration into the concrete. Unless I know it was an approved method for a certain area, I would at least mention it and recommend confirmation by a qualified contractor or SE that it was acceptable.

Thanks for the replies

Tapcons on inside walls

At $22 a box, and double the labor, I will stick with Ramset for interior plate attachment. :slight_smile: