Ramset sillplate

When is it or is it ever acceptable to ramset the sill plate??

There is a basement(unbalanced soil) with filled CMU… Doesn’t sound right to me.

Comments please.

Bolts or straps are required around here.

Hi. John;

Although not mentioned in the IRC under 403.1.6.,Power Fasteners have been deisigned and approved for sill plate attachments in some instances. Power Fastners have been used as Sill Plate Anchorage for us in normal-weight concrete, lightweight concrete, and steel base materials.
CMU is not listed as a proper base material for attachment.

Fastener spacing would be at 6" from plate ends and at 18" o.c. spacing.

This type of sill-plate connections are intended to satisfy the requirements of Section 2308.6 of the IBC. Also designed for use only in Seismic Design Categories A, B, And C.
Sill plate connections are intended to satisfy the requirements of Section R403.1.6 of the IRC. Again for Seismic areas A, B, and C.

You can read more here](http://icc-es.org/reports/pdf_files/UBC/ESR-2690.pdf)

Since there are no mention of power fastners for filled cmu walls, it would have to be perceived as it is not acceptable, and fasteners as described in the IRC, would be mandated.

I also would check with local Authorities as to their compliace.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :):smiley:

Thanks Marcel and yes that does help!! Reading the document provided I understand it to be okay in Seismic Design Categories A,and B but not in C. The building site is in C yet many parts of Tennessee are in A & B.

John Lerch

In seismic areas in CA all structural walls (uplift or lateral forces) were bolted. This included all exterior walls and key interior (shear) walls. Interior walls on slabs were always shot down with pins.
The same is true here in Colorado (very little seismic) although the older the home is, the less it complies.
In older homes which don’t meet modern safety standards in this respect, you might mention that fact in the report .

Sill Plate…

I totally agree with that above Larry, no question in my mind, but I was answering the question as it was asked and the power fastner companies obviously have had their pins approved for Non-Seismic areas and is equivelant to meeting the IRC, so it can be used in some areas of the Country.
I would not condone it or recommend it, but it is there.

Marcel :):smiley: