Range hood vent pipe material

Would mention does not mean I would put this in a report.
You guys are way too smart for me!

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Yeah, more great advice from our chief CMI with over 8000 hours of education under his belt. Unfcking believeable!!!

See you in Lockport next week.

Hope none of that romex cr-p.

Nice to see two Stooges are back on the MB.

Kevin, those flex hoses were trouble from the day they were invented, now forget how these slinkees need to be stretched out, they don’t belong in a house for anything. Even less a dryer exhaust.
It is crap and dangerous to use long term.
Especially when any grease is part of the recipie.

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I agree with you. They are foil on the outside that have some fire protection but they have a plastic liner on the inside that will catch fire. That being said I have also seen the disadvantage of rigid metal.
Since I don’t like to educate for know reason, I will ask the question to all.
What can be the problem of rigid from a exhaust hood in a kitchen that does not happen with a flex installed correctly?

Kevin, with all due respect, you seem to have a problem grasping what everyone has been saying, which is: there is no way to properly install a flexible corrugated duct on a range hood.

I did not nor would I ever say it is a good idea to install flex duct in an exhaust hood. I have seen both in new contruction and both create a problem.
Now answer the question or don’t comment on how smart you are.


What part of flex ducting at a kitchen exhaust hood is incorrect do you not understand? Stretched (most absurd thing I have heard) or limp it is not an appoved material for that application (period) and is a potential fire hazard.

Sorry if I misunderstood you.

Why can’t you guys understand that AHJ has allowed it and there is a correct way to install it. I don’t agree with the installation of flex duct work for an exhaust hood but I also don’t agree with some installations I have found with rigid and since now one of you can understand what I am trying to get across I will let you not know the problem with rigid. Good Night

Hmmm never said anything bad about you “ever”… yet… when Linas attacked you you blindly swing a broad sword to attack me in the same breath for some strange reason.

Now I see why you get stepped on.
Maybe Linas is right about you.
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YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (add booming thunder god voice)

No there’s not. No there’s not. No there’s not for a range vent pipe, period.

Also, personally I do not care what the AHJ allowed (overlooked). Especially when it comes to safety.

Do you ever wonder why a half dozen people always disagree with you with just about any subject or issue? It’s not your personality Kevin, you are just plain stupid. Period. Sorry but someone has to tell you.

I started to make the first post when this was first posted sure glad I stayed out of it it went crazy in a hurry are you guys really that bored. Got two inspects tomorrow how about ya’ll:D:D

You are not one of the three stooges Bob.

Kevin. Someday you will learn that when you are wrong, just admit it, learn from it and move on. There is no reason to try and back peddle or attempt an explanation to make it look like you were right. It seems to happen on many, many posts.

There are some that seem to gravitate to your posts for comic relief and it will only continue and get worse until you can learn to accept that you are indeed fallible. :roll:

So not one of you are capable of following instructions that is so sad!

As another bumbling CMI would say “sad but true”