Range of Repair Costs

Is there an industry standard website that contains range of average repair/replacement costs (roofing, appliances, HVAC, structural, etc…)? Thanks.



I would not estimate costs of repairs, even though I know some do. It could be Uncle Ed doing a faucet repair for $50, or a licensed, insured contractor at $275. The range is endless, and low esimates will result in phone calls to you. Just refer to a contractor of the buyer’s choosing. Let them decide how much to pay. It is against ethics for you to do the repairs. Your job is to just inform. IMHO.

I wish we didnt have to give estiamates, but it is a way of life here in south Fl. i always put a range and then a little blurb that states that the final cost will be determined by the repairing contractor. i also let all clients know that these are just estimates and do not include any hidden damage and advise that they get written estimates asap so they have a true cost of repairs.

In NC we are not allowed and honestly that is one of the few rules I like. I do not want the client calling me saying you said it would be this, but this contractor said it is going to be that.

Same here in Jersey. Just report and advise.