Range Vent Pipe Requirements

Does this vent pipe need to be enclosed/boxed out? With 1in clearance to combustibles? I can’t find anything that says so and I have a contractor telling me I’m incorrect. I’m in Florida. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

What is that venting? A Microwave or hood? If so… NO!


The contractor is correct. The range hood is only intended for venting water-laden air and odors.

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No chase is required, but they often forget to seal the penetration point/hole where the duct enters the attic above that cabinet

Thank you all. I guess it is just industry standard around here- never seen one in a newer house not boxed in.


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It’s an appliance exhaust not a vent. I just make sure it has a self closing damper and is constructed of metal all the way to proper termination point.

I’ve seen the metal duct turn to plastic before discharging to the eaves. I’ve seen microwave discharge into drywall before exiting the siding. No concerns about proximity to any combustibles.


Sorry Jeffrey- Venting a microwave.

Thanks Martin.


Other than cosmetic, is there a reason to box them in?

Sorry again- it is EXHAUSTING a microwave! :hugs:


This has been exhausting, I just need to vent! :hot_face:


I don’t see a reason. As I said, just never seen it in newer houses.

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Now that’s funny!

In my area, they just hook up the microwave/exhaust hood to blow in your face.


Same here most of the time. But anytime it does exhaust outside, it is boxed out. Trust me, it’s a pain in the ass sometimes when you have to connect to a new microwave!


Rolling eyes… It is a range vent through an above mounted microwave ventilation fan. JJ set it straight a few post ago.

Not directed to you Brian, just the way the reply popped up… :wink:

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Sorry to waste your time with a little friendly conversation. Now I remember why I don’t post here. Thanks for all your help.

This is sort of funny from a new construction today. I am guessing the mechanical contractor has yet to sort out how he is going to match the range hood to the duct without obstructing the receptacle. I suspect the electrician, the builder and the mechanical contractor are in a pissing match.


That’s a good one…who do you think is gonna win? :thinking: