RE Brokers and Builders Teaming Up Against Consumers

In Missouri and Kansas, the RE brokers use their money and political infrastructure to help the buildier’s associations fight the passage of state building codes and licensure of contractors and builders.

Now, this.

Perhaps, after seeing this, it is easier to understand our outrage.

Jim, I thought you would enjoy that. I sent it to Nick, to see if he would post it. Nope. Glad you did. All inspectors should look at this. Click on the video in the upper right. All true.

Ha, I have seen this happen to my clients in several occasions. Majority of the cases are dropped because my client realizes that actually collecting any monies is about impossible.
I have seen a group of clients get screwed out of a couple million already. They actually thought the city inspector was going to look out for them.
They sure got a reality check.
I ran across some old client of mine who I did an inspection for a couple years ago. They did not buy the house because I caught the seller lying about the roof being replaced. So this couple decided to have a new house built but the house fell down before it was completed. So the last I heard is that they decided not to use that home builder anymore.
I do not recommend to any of my clients to buy a new house. I always recommend the house is at least ten years old (The house has been tested). Inspecting new house scare me.