re-inspection fees

Do y’all charge re-inspection fees? I have run into a lot of situations lately where something wasn’t working or the gas service was not on, etc. So the client wants me to come back out to re-inspect. But when I tell the client that I charge a fee for that they get upset. How do y’all handle that? Any advice would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t see why they would get upset. If there is something not on like the gas or electric I usually charge a re-inspection fee between 50-100 dollars. The client usually doesn’t mind. You might get those once in a while clients, that get pissy that you have to come back. Your time is money, thats what I tell them if they get upset with me.

Re-inspection fees and explanations are in my agreement to prepare the client for the possibility. That being said, I have done a couple for free. Was worth it as it helped the client out and the client’s realtor was impressed.

Most people don’t read the agreement so they have no idea. I try and send a pre-inspection message that stresses the need for utilities to be on and that there is a fee for return visits. Not surprisingly some don’t read this either.

Just make sure you are clear about what being on means…for example some consider having water service from the local utility as being on. They may have service and the right to use/access the water but its turned off at the meter or main is shut off. So for me on mean water to the fixture when I turn the handle/lever.

I explain to them that I don’t have a vested interest in the home and don’t get paid based upon if it sells or not (commission). My service is my time and knowledge…

When I write it up I add that I will return for and and inspect for an additional fee. " The XYZ was off at the time of the inspection I was unable to fully inspect the XYZ system, components and/or fixtures. A full inspection of the XYZ system is recommended by a qualified contractor prior to the end of you due diligent period. The inspector will return for an additional fee when XYZ service is restored if requested."

Now all that said I have returned and not charged but it depends on my schedule, what needs to be inspected and the distance.

I’ve found that the best approach is to say that “XYZ is off, it could not be inspected and I can return and inspect it for an additional fee”. not giving them a chance to ask the question “will you return and inspect that?”

Get your self one of these and have it sent to the listing agent and seller before the inspection.

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Good job John. Think they’ll watch it?

Good information folks. I will add a blurb in the inspection agreement and be certain to tell them about the fee when I explain that something was not available. I really like the video as well John! Did you do that yourself?

I get the listing agents email address and ask them to send it to the sellers.

Just went to my morning appt. and no water!
Listing agent said it was on but of course never checked…

100.00 fee added to come back out…

Luckily most of mine don’t require a long drive.

Explain to them that you have to get paid when you work and it should also state there will be a fee if you have to go back for any reason in your contract.

If that does not work ask them if they work for free?

I tell folks its $100 minimum, typically I bill the $100… unless its a load of things.

What’s all your thoughts on re inspecting defects. Once a seller has corrected issues the buyer ask to you check all corrected.

lol I see my 4 year old reply above, We do it, minimum is actually now $200, it can be a pain in the butt, many times the repair isn’t done right and the buyer knows it wont that’s why you’re out there… first recommendation is have the client (buyer) obtain paperwork showing work performed and licensure info of who did the repair.