Just got an email from a client that I did an inspection for. I had found a couple of open ground outlets that since the inspection were repaired. I was asked to go back 1/15/2010. What kind of fee should I charge for this if any? The fee for the inspection was $320.00. I would think they want the report updated also. First time coming across this. Any input would be great. Thanks

I have it written in my contract so there is never any doubt if a re-inspection is requested. $125 plus .25 per mile and the re-inspection is limited to a written list of items issued prior to the inspection.

That is a personal issue.
I have no doubt some will say to charge big$$$$.

If travel is not much of an issue you could do it for nothing but good will .

Some of us offer free final walkthroughs and some of us would charge for travel.

Some will say $100@/hr is in the Ball Park.

All are appropriate .

Thanks guys. I think $75.00 will suffice. This will include travel time and the update. I definitely will update my contract for this.

sometimes I charge and some times I dont…each case is play by play. $75hr and up is about right…

Ask yourself, when you go to the doctor for a checkup and he finds something that needs treatment, and you have to come back for another appointment, is it free? Nope. Your time is money. Look at it this way, if you were busy and had to miss out on an inspection that day because of a re-inspect taking your time, would it be worth $75?

I would never change or re-issue my report. The report will always read the same way it did when issued. I will issue a separate statement that says the work was or was not completed. No commentary on workmanship or quality unless it is still wrong and requires repair.

Good luck. Happy Holidays.

If you wanted candid, helpful, answers, you should not have posted this question in a public forum.

What do you mean Joe.?
He was helped and made a decision.

Seems like mission accomplished.

Check with your E & O carrier as most DO NOT cover re-inspections


Your liability doesn’t go away with a reinspection.

There are many things that don’t require a reinspection. The client can see that the problem the longer exists.

There are some things you shouldn’t reinspect. If you touch it, it becomes yours and invalidates the repairing contractors working if they find out about it.

If the work was done by a licensed electrician and may have a copy of the invoice, that is their warranty.

I look at 50% of the initial home inspection part of the inspection and adjust from there as necessary.

I would have your clients get the recept from who ever did the repairs and let them take the liability. I do not do re-inspections for any amount, my insurance does not cover me on re-inspections.

Reinspections are dangerous. Ever heard the phrase "Last one to touch it owns it?"

If you do a reinspection you need to require a receipt from each professional that did the work. Then it needs to be understood that you are only looking at what has been repaired and is covered by the receipt. You also need to charge about half of he original inspection fee. You liability is high on reinspections.

The best thing you can do is to do a complete new inspection of the home. You have no idea what has happened to the home since your last visit. The time frame you are talking about sound like almost a month since you inspected it. You would be a fool to do this for only $75 and to only inspect what was repaired…

I often go back a second time due to the foreclosure properties not having utilities on the first time.

Yell till you are blue in the face about needing them on and you often find them off on arrival.

Crazy times/Crazy solutions.

my contract says $50.00 buck but i have yet to charge for one. im a sucker with a big heart i guess

If the utilities are off, I typically re-schedule inspection. Has happened a couple times and my clients are happy, they also want the utilities on. Gets cold in a house if there is no heat.

Mr Stanczyk
is this because of liability Also with a reinspect do you worry about liability from the reinspect. Or do you just state that some work was preformed but not always able to see all areas.
Thanks mark

Depends on what the re-inspect is for. My last one was for 1. new dishwasher on small appliance branch circuit. 2. new large over range fan hooked into small appliance branch circuit. 3. No GFCI on exterior receptacles. 4. Leak at kitchen faucet. 5. Bad firebricks in woodstove.

The dishwasher was given it’s own circuit. The fan was put on the refrigerator circuit. GFCI receptacle was added and tested fine. New faucet was installed. Firebricks were replaced. What liability?

The original report is what it is. I don’t change it for any reason. I will issue a single sheet reinspection report on what was accomplished and what was not accomplished.

The first 4 years I was in business I charged $95.00 for any return inspection Necessary.

The last 4 years I have advertised Free repair inspection.

Even with it advertised for free I would say only 1 in 12 actually take advantage of it.

Depends on the circumstances in my opinion.