Re-Inspections, what's your model?

It seems I went months without doing a re-inspection and now I have had four in the last week.

As of now my system for re-inspections feels inefficient and I am afraid I am leaving myself open to potential liability.

It looks something like this:
Review 35R, look at the repairs made. Then I send my client and usually their realtor an e-mail briefly describing which items appear to have been addressed, if not all. I have no contract or report system related to re-inspections. I do charge $100.00.

What are you guys doing that works better?

Re-inspection fee is 1/2 the original fee. It is by a list of items provided prior to the inspection. I don’t pay attention to the 35R, only the list provided. I used to charge $125 plus mileage but it was a pain in the butt with varying amounts. It is still a trip to the property and spending time, especially if I have to suit up for the crawl space.

I charge a minimum of 150.00, more with mileage.

Like Stephen said, it’s important to have them send you a list of the reinspection items prior as you have no idea what was negotiated for repair.

I have one for tomorrow, on the list was asbestos remediation.
I let them know that was now on the remediation co. so I could not assess that.

The client must send a list of the items to be reinspected, prior to the inspection. I will reorganize the list into a punch-list report format with cross references to the original report and send it to the client for review, prior to the inspection. The punch-list report is organized by physical area to optimize my time on site. I charge $250 for the first hour and $125 each hour after that. I usually fill out the report as I go.

I copy the entire defective summary from my report and paste it into a word doc, And yes you can copy and paste whole sections from a PDF document and paste them into word. I charge $125 Minimum for a re inspect, I will not do a re inspect if receipts are not available. After looking at items agreed to be repaired I just highlight each defective item with one of 3 colors. See below.

**Only the item listed below from the BINSR and the sellers attached response were re inspected today. It is always a good idea to get receipts from contractors performing work and any warranty / Guarantee information. I can only see that work was performed I cannot attest to or guarantee methods used for repairs. **

**Black indicates Item is not a part of the re inspection. **

**Blue indicates Item appears to have been repaired and is functional today. **

**Red Indicates not repaired or improperly repaired requiring additional work. **

This is all good info thank you guys. The old guy I learned from didn’t charge for re-inspections but he served a relatively small area and was very old school.

Do any of you have a standard e-mail or response you send to you clients when they inquire about having a re-inspection done? would you mind sharing that with me, maybe in personal e-mail?

Stephen, we will have to get lunch sometime.

Did you learn from Stephen:p;-)