Real Estate Agent and Home Inspector conspiracy?

The Real Estate Agent / Home Inspector Conspiracy - Charles Buell Inspections Inc.

That’s a good Blog post! For years I have said the perceived “Collusion between Agents and Inspectors” is nothing more than Inspectors that choose to service the Agents rather than their clients. Inspectors do have full control over this perception depending on how they want to act. If Inspectors choose to service their clients without regard to others in the transaction then we can move into the designation of a “Profession”. If Inspectors choose otherwise then we will ALL continue to look bad!

You certainly hit all the angles in the blog. “Professionally” I have kept my distance from realtors except for what needs to be done in coordination efforts and the like where I can best serve my client. I’ve had realtors make suggestive remarks regarding the ability to get more inspections from them, IF… I find such remarks offensive. I make it a practice to be thorough and objective. My obligation is to the client. Period. I’ll eat a bologna sandwich with no bread, lettuce or mayo before I hop in the sack with a realtor. Figuratively speaking that is. I know that is not the case for some. Such are the ways of the world.

Hey Lonnie,

It’s not my blog…I was just sharing it. :wink:

FWIW, he’s a “cyber mentor” of sorts to me, as he is a well-versed individual who has an uncanny gift for writing and sharing his knowledge and experiences (most of which are congruent with mine, albeit on the other side of the country;-)) through his blogs and help to others in the profession.
C.Evans, who frequents this board often, also seems to have that gift.

I agree…doesn’t get much better “speaking” the “truth,” more than that does.

Don’t realtors have some kind of code of ethics? Yea I know, it’s all about the sale, but as someone who was foolish enough to have fallen into the trap(many, many years ago) of a colluding agent and less than ethical inspector I can see where people would be very weary of any home inspector. I don’t like it but I think my experience will ensure that as I move forward into this business I will remember what it cost me, and do all I can to make sure that my clients do not suffer the same. The bottom line for me is in my own personal and professional motto " Ethical business practice is not a super power, it’s a standard operating procedure" I hope I’m right


Realtors code of ethics:
Don’t say anything bad about the house
Don’t say anything bad about the neighborhood
Don’t say anything bad about the school
Do as little work as possible
If the house the client inquires about is not at their pre-approval limit, show them houses that are

Oh, and the one no one talks about, no matter how dissatisfied a customer might be with their agent, once an agent speaks to you they might as well own you. I briefly had my license in NY 12 years ago and I am still unsure if I hated realty, NY, or my ex-fiance more.

Sorry, I should have used the sarcasm font for that question.

FWIW, on the topic of an “apprenticeship”, in the state of WA, in order to even take the national/state test to get the privilege of paying for the license, you must shadow a licensed inspector for 40 hours.

I lucked out and picked the right company, as they were (and always are) willing to let their students shadow as many inspections as they want until they feel comfortable.