Real Estate course in Colorado a hit!

Nick just finished his class in Fort Collins, CO for Real Estate Agents covering “What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know about Inspections”. Even with the bad weather, a bad wreck on I-25 and another competing course in the area today we had 155+ attendees.

The class ended at noon and within 30 minutes I received 2 calls from RE boards asking when the class is being held again!

Great job Nick :wink:

Find out more about the course here:

Thats awesome Lisa, good to know.
What method was used to gather that many RE agents to the site?
I’m thinking that I’d like to do something like that, but unsure how to go about it…


Give me a call direct and I can give you all the specifics :wink:


Thanks Lisa,
I’ll give you a call Friday,

DONUTS…They’re all out of work and hungry

I have noticed some Realtors at meetings act like Homer Simpson

Some realtors are “Homer Simpson”:wink: