REALTOR Association just awarded 3 CEs for our "MoveInCertified" course to agents.

[FONT=Arial]I’ll be teaching the course along with CMI Jim Michael to the North Metro Denver Board of REALTORs. Agents will be earning continuing education by attending. [/FONT]

[FONT=Arial] will be the subject of the course titled: “Using Inspections to Move your Inventory”[/FONT]

December 4th, 1-4pm.


Hi Nick!
**Maybe you can add that to our New Hampshire “Realtor Presentation” on Dec. 06. 2007 **
{I believe it is scheduled for 4-hours.}

Ooops, caught it, it is Dec 4th, then on the 5th I catch a plane to NH to do the approved course there with you Frank.

Frank, you are fast!

**No Problem!:smiley: **
Do you think that you can incorporate some of that into our presentation?

You bet! I did the course as a trial run already for 14 agents and they loved it. MoveInCertified is a hit wherever inventory is piled up.

We had a LONG discussion at our Wednesday meeting about this program and we are looking for ways to EDUCATE the Realtors in our area so I am happy to see it coming our way!:smiley:

Nick, that’s great!
I know you’ll be heading up our way sometime, so pleasse give me enough hedzup so I can get the agents lined up for that here, OK?

Nick, what ever happened with the info I needed so that I could get you over here in Michigan to do you CE Class for Realtors?

I needed some stuff from you so that I could get your class approved by the Realtor Board.

I’m sure your classes would be a great hit out here.

Here is the outline:

I slip into it.

Want to do one here where it’s warm? If so, I’ll start setting it up and let you know.
We have a large inventory of Resales and I’m sure they (Realtors) would love any help you can give.

I see your in Orlando Oct 24 to the 27th. Whats up?


Gary, reminder: I don’t follow every thread on the message board so if you need me somewhere email with the URL of the thread so I can come to it.

I’m not going to Orlando this month. What probably happened is a member booked me for an event in Orlando so I blocked it out on but the member failed to ever email me a URL of the site that references the event so that I could advertise it and make travel arrangements. Hope he/she doesn’t have a room full of people waiting for me! :roll:

This happens about once a year. A member asks if I can be at some event in some city, I block out time for it, then the member goes about making arrangements and finding a venue but never relays that information back to me. So I don’t end up going.

Valerie mentioned to me yesterday that she thought I was giving a show on inspector websites in Orlando but the member has yet to email me the URL.

I thought that NACHI TV was coming on the 25 and 26 of October. I thought you had a chapter meeting on the 24th.

Have those plans changed?


State Chapter of

**The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors **


DATE: October 04, 2007

Greetings to all!
On December 06, 2007 our Founder and National President Nick Gromicko will be presenting a seminar to all New England/New Hampshire Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents.

[size=3]**[FONT=Arial]>**The main purpose of this seminar is to promote NACHI New Hampshire home inspectors.
This seminar will take place at;
The Best Western Executive Court Inn and Conference Center.
13500 S. Willow St 1-800-877-627-2525
Manchester New Hampshire, 03103 [/size][/FONT]

The seminar is entitled;

What Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know about Inspections
A full day continuing education course for real estate professionals

Move In Certified Program

On December 06, 2007 you will all have a great opportunity to have your Business Cards, Brochures, and all other "Printed Information” presented on a;

"New Hampshire Home Inspectors Table."

We are going to set up a "Home Inspectors Table" where all of YOUR printed matter will be on display for the realtors to pick up.

We are thinking of setting up your business cards and brochures according to “region” of this state;
All NACHI home inspectors who live in northern New Hampshire will be grouped together, those who live in southern New Hampshire will be grouped together, those who live on the seacoast will be grouped together etc., etc.
**[size=4]>**This way the Real Estate Agents/Brokers who live “up north” will go directly to your section, those who live “on the seacoast” will go directly to your section etc.

If you are interested in having your information displayed please send everything to;
P.O. Box 188
Chester, New Hampshire 03036

When you send this information and please stipulate what “region” you want to be displayed in.

**[size=4]>**Or if you want to bring your materials to the next New Hampshire State Chapter meeting.

As usual all of our meetings are on the last Wednesday of the month and are held at;
“The Yard Restaurant”. For directions please go to this link.

We look forward to seeing all of you at our next New Hampshire State Chapter meeting!

Sincerely, Frank Carrio [size=3]CMI. [/size]
Certified Master Inspector & Consultant
Certified Commercial Building Inspector
Founder & President, New Hampshire State Chapter
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors {NACHI}

Chris McDonald, CMI
Vice President
New Hampshire State Chapter, NACHI
McDonald Home Inspection Services, LLC
Jaffrey, NH

John Hastings
Chapter Secretary/Treasurer
Landmark Home Inspections LLC
[size=3]Newport, NH 03773[/size]

Hey There Nick Thats A Great Idea For Training The Agents, But Would It Be Possible To Set Up A Coarse Up Here In Canada?