Knob and tube

Haven’t seen this much of it in awhile. Most of the house was still running on it. No outlets on the second floor, only 3 ceiling lights, 5 outlet and two ceiling lights on the first floor. Electric stove and dryer and that’s it.

Former owner inherited this house in 1949 and basically hasn’t done a thing to it. Was like stepping back in time.

DSCN1574 (Small).JPG

DSCN1583 (Small).JPG

how old was the house?

Built in 1901

Looks good for 108 years old, doesn’t it Peter, and survived all this time without joist hangers too! :mrgreen:;):slight_smile:

I’ll bet that was an interesting inspection…any other pictures?

Jim, the basement pics might be here would be my guess.

Fun…did you get a pic of the sevice disconnect panel?

how about this service panel it was still in service this summer at an inspection.

Those houses are always fun to inspect.

Hell, that looks better than my house!!! :wink:

Here some more. A couple of the roof which was literally baked off the house, 3 layers as best I could tell. The old outhouse with a three holer in the barn and a picture of the 100 amp panel. Funny how they upgraded the panel and nothing else.
Also, the link that Marcel posted is from the same house.

My client is going to walk, can’t handle upgrading the roof, electrical and boiler in one shot. He offered 138K and they excepted it, wonder why!!!

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DSCN1578 (Small).JPG

DSCN1551 (Small).JPG

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The funny thing about that roof is it wasn’t leaking. It was raining hard when I did the inspection and I used my thermal imager and the house was dry as a bone.

I expect that the shingles are bonded tighter than I95.

nice pictures …thank you Peter…

Hey, how about those nice green fuses?

That they are Larry, wonder if they have a penny underneath them?:wink:

I always find these green fuses over-fused on #12 wire.

Here’s an ancient electrical panel I ran into a while ago…