Realtor License!!

does any one know if inspector can have a realtor license and work on both field?

You can work in both fields but not on the same transaction.

thank you

It seems fishy, but I took the license course last year with a realtor. His plan was to not inspect the homes he had a financial stake in selling. He had no idea on basic how things work. He’ll not make it in HI.

You can, but when word gets around, and it will because of the proximity of both professions, it may discredit both a bit.

Stephen has it right. I have both licenses but I keep them separate when I work. I use the Realtor license to give referrals to realtors when I find home buyers/sellers. In Wisconsin, you can negotiate a percentage of the total commission for the sale/purchase between licensed realtors, so I tend to make way more on a referral than an inspection. In such a case, I am precluded to inspect the property.

You definitely wouldn’t want to work both angles on the same transaction. Even recommending an inspector as a Realtor can cause problems. However I don’t see an issue if you work the businesses mutually exclusive.

House Detective

I ran Peach Inspections from an office in my RE/MAX Main Line building where I was a top producing REALTOR. Just didn’t inspect homes I sold or vice versa.

My wife and I are both licensed. I don’t list houses, I mostly got it so I could sit on open houses for her, or show houses if she’s busy.
I’ve inspected a few houses for her buyers but never her listings for another buyer. The ones I’ve done for her buyers are at their insistence, and with written disclosure of our relationship.
Realtors love that I have my license. I haven’t met one that had a problem with it.