Pre-inspection for realtor

I had a realtor ask me if I would be interested in doing pre-inspections on their companies listings which they would pay for. They have never asked me to soften my reports or anything like that but I’m not sure the whole idea is ethical. Your thoughts?

Absolutely. Nothing wrong with working for a Realtor.

They are trying to be ahead of the curve in negotiations. I do them and the agents usually review with the client, fix the little stuff and set proper expectations moving forward.

These are a good idea and I fail to see anything unethical unless you are asked to not notice something.

Sounds like it would fit right in with Nick’s new scheme.

I have a particular agent that also flips houses and she hires me to do the pre-listing inspections for her. She told me a big reason for that is so that a potential buyer cannot hire me on that house. She obviously thinks highly of my ability to find defects.