Realtor Newsletter

I know there is the “Homeowner Newsletter” available and I thought I had come across a message in regards to having a Realtor Newsletter but in searching now I cannot find it. Would it be possible to have a separate newsletter that you can add all the local realtors to and it would send them a monthly newsletter as well?

Do others use the homeowner newsletter for realtors as well? How do you answer the questions? Like age, property information, etc. Do you just leave all that blank or put in bogus information?

Because of a newsletter vendor, NACHI does not have a Realtor newsletter anymore. This vendor said that it was being used to spam Realtors. I caught one of his subscribers spamming Realtors with his newsletter, but he did not have nothing bad to say about how his newsletter was being used that way, only NACHI.

I agree NACHI needs to at least email information about InterNACHI once a month, but they got so much grief about sending Realtors emails. The only ones complaining was A$HI dual members because they had a grip hold on the Realtor referrals, because of the A$HI branding campaign about 15 years ago.