Realtor tells client this is not a big issue

2007 crawl space. What do you see wrong?

073112 115.JPG 073112 119.JPG

073112 119.JPG

Shim board poorly placed, poorly secured and should be flat grain. What else did I miss?

The foundation straps are not designed for a 2x8. They are not designed for use with roofing button caps. The only thing actually anchored, half-asz, is the sill plate…the house framing is only connected by gravity or perhaps a toe nail to the sill plate.

Just love pier and curtain construction…lol.

This obviously is a code issue and I wouldn’t have a problem pointing it out, along with the required paperwork that one has to provide when they talk about code.

If you opt not to mention code then you would be putting yourself behind the 8 ball in this argument in that most home prior to the 1980’s have little to no anchor system what so ever…in those cases I do not write them up or mention it for the matter.

While I do believe code should be adhered to…at the same time, if God decides He wants that house moved…it will move be it tornado, hurricane or earthquake. (smile)

Being this home was built in the last 20 years, I would cite the relevant code and let the client decide.



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What do you mean by “flat grain”?

1.) The beam on the pier resting on the shim.
The shim on the pier is angled or positioned the wrong way. The grain will make it cup and splinter.
The second photo had a floor joist. I can not see the bearing and I see no blocking.
Is the a footer for the pier?

I am not that educated on hurricane of earthquake straps myself.
Locks wrong.

What the heck are you guys talking about shims…the board under the girder is a SILL plate…just like any sill plates on the exterior of the foundation.

Flat grain…oh please…

I referred this to a PE I know. The client spoke with the PE who would charge about $550 to design a repair. He estimated the repair would cost $2,000. PE told the client the house was unlikely to blow away, but that the issue could haunt him on resale. The client’s agent is poo pooing the report. Client tells me he is very unhappy with his agent and plans to walk if seller’s won’t fix it.

I sent photos to the building dept. head for that jurisdiction. Never heard back from him. It should be a crime to be derelict in your duties as a BO. Really ticks me off that this kind of crap passes inspection.

So… the issue of an improper anchor still remains…

While that may meet “code”, all it does is anchor the sill plate. The walls can move off the sill plate since the illustration doesn’t show a connection between the walls and plate.

A better, but never seen, method (taken from the 2009 IRC):

The point of my post being… Mr. Haynes made the distinction between this being a “Sill Plate” as opposed to being a “Shim”. I pointed out that even as a sill plate, it was still missing proper anchoring. Call the plate whatever you wish, it is still wrong!

Having never seen that style or type of pier work to carry the structure I thought it might be a add-on.
Opps I am bad.
IMO; The sill plate anchorage (straps) are not worth the material they are built with.
Jeffrey your sill plate anchorage is for concrete foundation.
The CMU pier must be full and caped for Moisture, Termite entry and to give the pier strength…
We went over this 4 months ago.
Sorry about the shim hypotheses. I though it was an standalone pier and forgot about the floor joist on the opposing side enabling stability.

All of that is irrelevent Robert. Don’t be so literal. Stick with the “intent” of the post. The fasteners used in the OP’s photo are WRONG! Period! The pier can be made out of any material… the fasteners are still wrong.

FYI. Foundation straps are not approved for use in red clay brick piers or curtain walls.


What don’t you understand" Fasteners are the NAILS, not the straps! There is nowhere in any instance where the nails used in the OP’s pic’s come even close to being approved for structural! Nothing else matters at this point. The piers could be perfect in all respects, but with those nails, it is simply crap!

I agree with you but thought it necessary to respond to the implication of your comment that a pier could be made of any type of material.

** Realtor tells client this is not a big issue.
Irreverence would be not forming a working hypotheses on why the realtor is wrong. And in so many ways I suspect.
Cost of repairing the issue being number one!!
The anchorage is wrong.The pier is suspect.

Not trying to be funny but;** to point out irrelevant is your Concrete anchorage is inappropriate.
Mr. Funderburk’s 18 ga. plate connectors are approved.

OR j style anchorage bolts

The photos may be code but I suspect no.
Typical MAB23 Installation in Concrete Block (MAB15 similar) MAB23 provides a two block embedment, if required by thelocal code jurisdiction.

Like I told Robert, don’t be so literal.

Looking at the post just above, you can see why I stated this.

Btw… a pier **can **be built with red clay brick, you just can’t use a “traditional” strap with it. :wink:

Too be far you are only looking at 4 button fasteners Jeffrey.

I have seen fasteners in the field used to hold a object in place while the correct fasteners are anchored. I personally used the technique when working alone in tight spaces.
We can not see the top of the plate where the correct anchorage would be with LMAZ/MA/MAB/MASB Mudsill Anchors or other types. Even J bolts.