Realtors and Home Inspectors should be supporting their clients

Realtors and Home Inspectors should be supporting their clients, Don’t let the imperfect home inspection ruin your deal. Unless the home is new construction, no home will be perfect.

New construction also needs inspected.

I inspect a fair amount of new construction homes we do foundation pours, framing, insulation, finals etc… Trust me most are far from perfect.


I agree with you guys, just quoted it from an article. I did a new construction home last week had some issues.

It was a good article.

Thanks, I wanted to share, Realtors need to unserstand what we do and the liabilities we face.

Decent article article that all home buyers should read (could use one more round of editing). No, new houses are not perfect (imperfect people working with imperfect materials), and surely her home inspector would give her a better response in regards to reversed polarity/potential shock hazard than that.

I really liked this article. As a new inspector I think I may be somewhat naive to the potential of getting sued for something in my report. With any luck it won’t happen ever or at least anytime soon. I have seen a number of templates that do just what the article says we do, I realize it is important to CYA but at the same time shouldn’t we approach each inspection with some common sense.