Realtors coverage

Was there ever a posting of an insurance policy that would cover the real estate agent as well,
and Nick posted a thread about a 100 day warranty policy as well to cover the home :roll:
Any help would be appreciated
Jon Anderson

Here is what some members use as a marketing tool:

Here is an inexpensive 100 day warranty:

FREA provides this for referring party coverage.

Correct you are. And many realtors these days are putting more emphasis on inspectors and appraisers having a policy that will cover them.

How many Realtors and where are they???:smiley:
Never been asked about this kind of coverage in over 5 years.

The coverage is included in my policy but like you I have never been asked about it.

Exactly Vince. Wonder how much that extra coverage is costing you??

OREP, has referring agent coverage for no additional fee. I have beens asked about it and realtors appreciate anything that they believe will cover them. I think it is a bonus and it helps. However, with that said the inspection is your make or break sale point.

Jonathan, one way or another you are paying for the coverage. OREP is not some benevolent company.

I finally got my E&O down to about $1000 cutting out much of the crap and getting basic coverage.

Thanks Dale ;):smiley: