Mountain warranty

Has anyone ever offered a Mountain Warranty to their client. Good idea to offer? Has anyone had any problems with a claim? Trying to see if this will help me get some more business.

I have it advertised on my website, but most buyers around here seem to be getting a free warranty from their RE agent.
The state of florida has ordered companies selling HI warranties to stop selling them in their current form. Mountain and American Home Warranty.

Ben said he will provide them only till the end of year.

Hows business otherwise?

Slooooow. Trying to network with realtor groups. I belong to my local Chamber of Commerce. But the process is painful. I think lots of realtors are reluctant to stray away from their inspectors they do business with. How about you? Im offering 10% off to 1st time home buyers and public service workers. Just started doing this. I need to update my site. Thank god this isnt my full time job. Or Id be starving.


Giving your client 10% off doesn’t make or save the agent 1 red penny, and so is not a reason for the agent to leave the comfort of his/her regular home inspector, and switch to you.

Why should a real estate agent take a risk with her business and switch to you in return for 10% savings you gave to someone else?

That is risk without reward.

yea slow up here too.

I am convinced depending on realtors is not the way to go. Need to get at buyers and sellers direct before agents can get at them.

The home I sold a few years back was inspected by a realtors favorite inspector.
he charged 160 and was there and gone in 50 minutes.

Understand that Nick. Ive been getting calls from people shopping around for HI’s. I now tell “them” what Im offering. Have any good ideas for the realtor situation?

Has offering the 100 day warranty made a difference in attracting clients to you as a direct to your customer marketing campaign? I find it hard to reach people directly, mostly due to people going with their realtor’s preferred inspectors out of convenience. Believe it or not I’ve heard of agents lining up the inspection, paying the inspector and back charging their client for the inspection. How do you compete with that? I cannot believe people are so gullible.

Robert, Why is this your first post if you’ve been a member since 2005? Please fill out your location so we can see where you are, as different areas have different issues.

I provide the 100 day coverage with every inspection I do. People love the idea that I am taking care of them even down the road 3 months.
It gives me an advantage over the next guy so I average 4-5 inspections a week

I have been providing it since 2010. The clients love the idea of being covered for the 100 days. I have never had a claim and hope I never have to, but it gives the client peace of mind.

How about this Ben, are you pulling the plug in Florida? I am under the impression that you cannot ***sell ***a Warranty in Florida, but you can include them as part of your Home Inspection package. Is this correct?

No it is not correct. You cannot offer a warranty with your inspection. That is why they don’t call it a warranty anymore. Your license is the one on the line if there is ever a problem.

It is just a play on words. Just the same as some termite companies are doing that allow home inspectors to offer termite inspections.

O.k., let’s call it a ***“100 Day Inspection Coverage Certificate”***. We’ll never utter the word Warranty. Now, is this allowed in Florida?

The date on that comment was 2009

Yes, I see that now. I have this bad habit of replying to very old posts. Thanks.