Recall: Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines


Ugh. I don’t want ANY appliance that can connect to the Internet. Next up recall because the devices have been hacked to wash the dishes of MAGA supporters less well, or something.


I’m with you on that…wifi is essentially microwave radiation…and there is no safe level of radiation. And all these devices communicating back and forth to the internet is really not needed and it exposes us to unnecessary radiation. I would suggest that people put their router on an outlet timer so it turns off at night when they’re not using it…

I have no worry about the wifi signals, it’s more the potential for remote hacking, with the lax security of Internet of Things devices.

Not sure how a recall would work around here. Nobody wants to service Samsung,

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No one wants to service Samsung, because their liability instantly goes through the roof. My wife recently wanted to replace our dishwasher with a Samsung, and I told her I will not own another fire hazard from Samsung. We have a Samsung dryer, and while not the same model, it uses the same exact control board shown in this video: Samsung Dryer keeps running - Easy fix! - YouTube Needless to say, that dryer is being replaced. Don’t need a dryer that runs on its own and burns my house down due to undersized relay contacts welding together!

Everyone that I know that has owned any Samsung appliances has had problems with them. Especially the refrigerators. In 2020 when appliances where hard to find, we purchased a fridge, dishwasher, washer, & dryer. It was hard to find anything in stock that wasn’t a Samsung, so everything had to be ordered.