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November 15, 2004

Release # 05-047

Firm’s Hotline: (888) 665-4640

CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772

CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908

CPSC, York International Corp. Announce Recall of Gas Furnaces

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in
cooperation with the manufacturer named below, today announced voluntary
recalls of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using
recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of product: Gas furnaces

Units: About 226,000

Manufacturer: The Unitary Products Group (UPG) of York International
Corp., of York, Pa.

Hazard: These furnaces can overheat, causing heat-exchanger cracking,
burn-through and, in extreme cases, furnace wrapper burn-through. This
can lead to heating and possible burning of the drywall and other
combustibles adjacent to the furnace, which poses a fire and smoke
hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: UPG has received 27 reports of fires, some resulting
in extensive property damage that could be related to these hazards.
There have been no injuries reported.

Description: The recall involves Coleman, Coleman Evcon and Red T brand
furnaces. The furnaces are a silver color with white access panels. The
"Coleman," "Coleman Evcon" and "Red T" brand names are located on the
middle of the front access panel. These model furnaces with model
numbers listed below are included in the recall:





The model number is written on a nameplate, found by removing both front
access panels. The nameplate is found mounted on the left inside surface
behind the lower panel.

Sold at: These furnaces were sold nationwide between 1995 and 2000 under
the brand names of Coleman, Coleman Evcon and Red T as original
equipment in manufactured homes and as replacement furnaces in
manufactured homes.

Manufactured in: Wichita, Kan.

Remedy: Consumers should not use the heating function of these furnaces
until it has been inspected and repaired. Consumers should contact UPG
to schedule a free inspection and repair of any furnace involved in the

Consumer Contact: For more information, call UPG toll-free at (888)
665-4640 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit
their Web site at UPG Technical Services is also
conducting a comprehensive notification and communications program and
working with its distributors to locate owners.

Firm's Media Contact: Helen Marsteller at (717) 771-7451

View this recall online at

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Only time I see Coleman is when I’m camping. icon_lol.gif


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I see them in M/H sometimes.