Recent picture of Axl Rose. Welcome to the bakery...

… we’ve got tons of cake.

Now the lead singer for “Gums and Cirrhosis”.


He looks like the guy from Motley Crue.(Vince Neil)
They should get together and remake “kick start my heart”

Guess we know know the real reason Axl does not wish to be inducted in to the Rock and Roll hall of fame however.
Here is Vince Neil …Vince Neil.jpg

He just did a remake of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”… “Sweet Cheesecake O’ Mine”! :shock:

:mrgreen:sadly these guys are one small step from being confused with bobcat goldthwait, i guess it aint sad it’s funny…

If you’ve got the money honey, we’ve got your pastries.

Guns N’ Roses – Outta Control
Rolling Stone September 5th 1991

he should go back to shooting heroin - he’ll live longer