Recent ReportHost Upgrades

We recently made some upgrades to the ReportHost web service that may interest some. They include:

:arrow: You can now specify up to 5 of your reports as sample reports. When you do, they’re listed on our sample reports page, and on your free ReportHost home page. This can be useful if you want your clients to see a variety of reports that you’ve published.

:arrow: You can now order backup copies of your reports on CD media or USB flash drives.

:arrow: You can now choose to display your reports and summary pages in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF). This, in addition to ReportHost’s standard HTML format.

:arrow: We also added logos for the National Radon Proficiency Program, and the National Environmental Health Association to our collection of professional organization logos that can be displayed on your reports and home page.

:arrow: Besides adding arrows and circles to your uploaded digital pictures, you can now rotate your uploaded pictures, clockwise or counterclockwise.