Hello all does anyone out here use Report host or has used? I’m still in the process of getting the business up and running. I like the pay per inspection it looks like it will work for my needs just wanted some input from some veterans.
Brett Smith
B.A.Smith Services

I started with Reporthost and it worked great for me. I like the style of reports that is produced as they were clean and professional. After I started picking up, I switched to HG for my report software. The good thing with reporthost it is all online and you don’t have to transfer any thing from one device to another. Customizing narratives and reports are somewhat difficult and take some time getting use to. You do get 10 free reports for being an InterNACHI member.

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I use report host it is very easy for your clients to understand and easy to use I would recommend you use it great price when starting out even I the future Im me if you have any questions think you still get free reports with them from inter nachi

Report Host gives all InterNACHI members a bunch of free reports. You have to ask them about it though.

There are numerous threads on the pros and cons of Reporthost already posted.

Just do a search and look them up.

With that being said…

Irrelevant of which report software program that you finally decide upon, a smart businessman/woman will always have a back-up plan. No software, computer, mobile device, smartphone, ISP, or “cloud” is immune to problems. I can’t begin to tell you how many times inspectors have posted here late on a Saturday night that XX brand software won’t work, they can’t get ahold of anybody to help, and their report is overdue!

I utilize three different reporting methods… 1) Home Inspector Pro, 2) Reporthost, 3) Word. I have NEVER missed a report deadline by more than 2 hours, and that has only happened 2 or 3 times total!

Note: If you do other types of inspections than residential, you may find the need for multiple software. IMO, there are none that works to my standards for the differing type I perform, thus my use of the three methods above.

IMO, the company that develops a rock-solid, quality platform for at least the three top segments will have a goldmine on their hands.

Have you ever looked at 3D? I use it and it is very customizable.

Pretty well all software is customizable. Unfortunately, they are not all suitable for all business segments. For those of us that are Professional Commercial Inspectors, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I like and use them and Russel said they look “Snazzy

As I was saying…

If you are using a regular camera and generate a PDF there is no immediate need for servers other than your email providers.

That’s why both HG an HIP are great, they allow you to both use the cloud service and print a PDF problem when the servers are down.