Receptacle height for a gas stove

Never saw a set up like this and cant find any code specifically for gas ranges and receptacle height. Thanks for any help with this.

It is what it is…

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Not against code, unless local to your area. I’d tell them to be careful and not hit it with hot pan or they could melt it :slight_smile: the outlet should have been installed behind the stove, not above it.

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Yea not sure why they installed it like that but thanks.

Sorry but…why do you care? As stated above^^^^^^^^^ it is what it is.
Simon is good, but, hitting it with a pan and melting it? HUH!


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Perhaps the previous range had a rear console or back splash, or was electric…

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I know where you are everyone is educated & goes through years of apprenticeship… :smiley: but here new homeowners (especially the young couples) are often not very bright… yes, some don’t know that a hot pan or a pot can melt the stove’s insulated wire :slight_smile: (they assume it is by design and there can be no issue because a “licensed” electrician put it there). When you mention it to them, hopefully they learn something, if they already knew, no harm done. For example… I sometimes find people running 120V extensions over and right next to single wall vents that get 500+F hot or even storing (combustible) items on top of one! Yes, I have to explain it to them… this is dangerous, this is what can happen… Lucky you didn’t have to do this up north :slight_smile:

Here is an example I found not long ago, take a note of a polyester bag sitting right atop of oil-fired boiler’s vent:

The buyer cared and I didnt have an answer. I’ve never seen it before and wanted to make sure it’s not a problem.


it is a problem

As a past builder years ago we did it so people could have another receptacle to plug into.

THEN we found out people would plug their toaster, etc into the open slots and a cord would fall across the burner and short something out, so we quit putting the receptacle OVER the range.

Sloppy but not against codes in my area. When we see it, we explain it … recommend moving it THEN keep moving