Record keeping

How long do we have to keep inspection records? Anybody know for sure?

I keep mine for ever 12 years now … Roy

Don’t know how long you are required to keep them, but since all of mine are computerized, I have them all, on cds, dvds, backup drives, etc.

My attorney advised keep forever. No fixed rule.

I honestly have no idea why anyone would want to eliminate past work.
Can someone explain the logic to me?

Back in the days before computers, I used to type the reports out. 30 pages per report, usually 2 a day, the first year I had several boxes of them! I scanned them all into PDF files and threw the hard copies out.
Now, with all those boxes gone from my attic, more infant/toddler toys and clothes can be stored there!

Yes, Using an external hard drive with a Terabyte of storage space, I’ll retire before I fill it. The unit is called “Simple Save” it monitors everything on the PC constantly and automatically backs up anything new. You just set it and forget it.


set it and forget it!

Set it and forget it..jpg

That’s what came to mind as I typed it… :mrgreen: The other, other white meat.

Just a tad greasy though. :shock::wink:

Just to let you all know. I have had at least 2 external drives crash. If you really want to protect your stuff off site is the only way to go.

If anyone can recommend somewhere that is a great deal I am interested. I would like at least a terabyte of storage and very easy access from any Internet connection. I do not like carbonite very much and am considering jungledisk.

Any links to a great off sight storage company would be great. I really need as fast as my connection can handle. I would like to access it just like a normal drive on my computer.

I also use a seperate Gmail account to store my emails with inspection reports…great for remote access. They give you a lot of space! FREE.

HIP stores it for you.
When I need to pull up a report on my phone I simply download from Dom’s server.