Redneck innovation.

Anything wrong with this?


At least they pitched it to drain properly.

Might be a noise ordinance problem, depending on how quiet the muffler is.

I think its ironic that the car is a Lincoln Continental

Yes, there is that.

Note how he is using the right rear taillight as a control circuit for the generator.

The foam seal around the air conditioner is not allowed–it should be replaced with the proper material–DUCT TAPE!

Home sweet Home !

That’s one of Fords new Hybrids, purchased thru the Cash for Clunkers program. :wink:

My laugh for today. :mrgreen:

Thanks Will. :slight_smile:

Well that is standard equipment here in TN , What you fellows don’t have air conditioning there?

I see alot of vans this was in my area.

well umm ah but oh what the heck your welcome in TN anytime John:D

This belongs to the guy who takes care of my Boat Dock at Bull Shoals Lake Arkansas. I call him a Hillbilly.

lake 104.jpg

lake 105.jpg

lake 102.jpg

lake 106.jpg

lake 103.jpg

Hope he don’t light that there torch to close to the gas tank.

I’ve fished at Bull Shoals Frank nice place…I used to spend the week before Easter every year at lake Quachita…another nice lake…

It is a 4 hour drive from my house here in North Mississippi. I will be Walleye fishing next Wed, Thur, & Fri.

bullshoals 027.jpg

He is so proud of that torch. He comes down and lights my grill for me.:slight_smile:

I wish you hadn’t said that now I’m jealous…

You should see their trailer park…

and their addition…