Grade a little high?..or not enough Caulk?----:twisted:

Hmmm…good thing it rained a couple days ago, buyer might not know water will come in at the bottom of the window frames----:twisted:

Opps…ran out of Caulk—:twisted:

Damn sprinkler lines----:twisted:

No sense in sealing the top of the ducts, nobody will ever see them----:twisted:

Hope nobody gets hit on the head when the window trim falls off at the second floor—:twisted:

nice finds Dale…lucky for your client he had a proper inspector on the job…

I agree, what a travesty taking a picture of that fine looking commercial building, then parking a Ford truck right in front of it.

The nerve of you Dale! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


You really have it in for those poor Dr.s! :wink:

hey what is wrong with ford trucks???

The loose nuts behind the wheel! :stuck_out_tongue:

well i guess that could be a point well taken…:frowning:

I have had dodge’s,chevy’s and a nissan now I have a ford and I sure miss the nissan !!!

Not a thing…! :wink:

E-150’s since 1976…guess i’m just used to em and too late to change…

I like my 92 dodge the best over 200 K on it and had very few problems!

I can not say that for the 99 ford I have now.

I’ve had everything but a Dodge. Knock on wood, my Chevy now has not had any problems. (I did have a Jeep Grand Cherokee, that POS went back after 2 months)

Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be broke down in rush hour traffic. :wink:

Dale, now I am really feeling good about my pictures on a Little on the Commercial Side.

That is unbelievable workmanship in my book, and would not fly around here.
I guess, they never heard of subsills under storefront framing, and none the less, duct seal and duct pressure testing at the time of installation. ha. ha.

Thanks for sharing.

Nice job.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

I especially liked that glazing job on the outside corner glass pic…true quality and craftsmanship at it’s best…hope they have some plastic wrap handy…jim

Commercial is no different than residential, duct tape will take care of that! :shock:
(except commercial duct tape is more expensive)

Well, I beg to differ. Some are done right. ha. ha.

This is what the bottom of a storefront sill should look like before the pressure cap is installed, or should I say beauty cap as some call it.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

The two-handed cauk gun will handle all of that, no problem…:roll:

Marcel, I, for one, really enjoyed the quality I noticed in your commercial pics. :smiley:

Any significance to the extra holes, or are those “test” holes. :slight_smile:


That’s the difference between OLD school and NO school!! :smiley:

Boy, isn’t that the truth!