Reduced wire at panel

Comments requested from sparkys…

Found this in a Nova panel today.

Two seven strand aluminum wires (3 or 4 AWG) reduced in size by clipping five of the wires and wrapping electrician’s tape around the end and the remaining two wires connected to 30 amp circuit breakers.

This lead to a workshop via an underground conduit to a 100 amp service base (with no serial number, not hydro installed) which was in turn connected to a sub-panel. Numerous receptacles and light circuits ran from the panel.

Looked very home-owner installed so I have already recommended that the buyer has an electrician check it out (there were other issues as well).

Anybody else come across anything like that?

You were correct to call it out. I’ve seen it in the past, but never to that extent. I doubt that the 2 strands out of 7 would carry even the 30 amps.

Thanks Steve, by the time I got the report to the buyer he had already called an electrician out to have a look at it. He verified my decision and added a few more insights which were very helpful to the buyer.

Everyone happy except the owner… :frowning:

The LUG must be sized to fit the conductor WITHOUT alterations…this happens when someone uses a larger wire lets say to handle voltage drop but then rather than split bolting it to the actual OCPD’ed size wire…they snip and tuck…alters the wire, its capacity and is a violation of the CODE…

Now…safety wise…depends on the circuit as doing so could cause the connection point to overheat…if it is obvious and you can see it report it and allow the CHIPS to fall as they may.