Reflective material in the attic

I found this during an inspection in the attic here in SW Florida. This is the first time seeing this and was just curious why it would be torn down in so many places.

It’s a radiant barrier, odds are it wasn’t properly installed. Also Ian and/or Irma may have some factor in the failure.


Looks like a radiant barrier that is just deteriorated.


I can’t see any labeling but it is similar to Fi-Foil which was a common brand used in this area. I believe Fi-Foil Radiant Barrier is made in Miami. I’ve seen dozens or scores of homes with it installed and have yet to see a complete proper installation.


It’s probably not worth having a roofer or service professional replace it, right?

Definitely not a roofers concern. Attics with properly installed radiant barrier (and ventilation) are considerably cooler in my experience.


From the one photo I have seen, just putting it back up may be helpful IMHO.


What year was the home built? DR Horton and one other builder (I think?) used to install similar products 5 to 9 years ago.

It was originally built in 1989 but there have been additions. And there was a re-roof in 2010.

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It would make my report because it is an installed component which is damaged. But with additional information.

The attic radiant barrier was loose, torn, fallen or deteriorated at most areas. Attic radiant barriers when properly installed are known to reduce energy cost and increase comfort. Recommend repair/replacement as needed by a qualified contractor.

Note: Many sections of the roof structure were obstructed or not visible due to the radiant barrier.