Refrigerator Water Dispenser Works Only Intermittently

A strange and frustrating problem. SITUATION: Whirlpool refrigerator in-door water dispenser works only intermittently. BACKGROUND: Last year, a Whirlpool aftermarket, externally-mounted water filter was added upstream of the refrigerator. Dispenser problem may (or may not) have been occurring prior to this. Filter installation directions warn that the filter will not dispense water if water pressure is too high. In the a.m., the refrigerator dispenses water, but only after running the kitchen faucet (cool water) for about 15 seconds. Once running, the water runs without problem and never fails. The lack of dispensing seems most problematic after someone takes a hot shower. Even after running the kitchen faucet (cold water) for 1-2 minutes, the dispenser does not dispense. After a few hours, it finally does dispense, but only if the sink faucet is run again. (Occasionally, running the sink faucet still doesn’t solve the problem.) NOTE: I have also detected a water-hammer issue. When closing the kitchen faucet, the water line from the refrigerator water filter to the wall fitting jerks up and down, and there’s an audible clunking sound. The refrigerator seems to work fine. The intermittent dispensing issue seems related to either excessive water pressure (haven’t tested it), or to water hammering. I am not a professional. Just someone who can’t find a plumber who can fix the problem. Please help!

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**John M. Acaron-o< **

Hmm I wonder if the charcoal filter has something to do with it?

I’m actually having a problem with my water dispenser in my refrigerator. I have hard water and I’m wondering if the
refrigerator water filters can get clogged or if the line itself is clogged from deposits. I’ve also heard some were insulated well and the water line could freeze.