Reminder: Add your NYS license # to 4,500 websites...

If you got your New York State license number, don’t forget to add it to you Suffix in

NYS has listed all Licensed Home Inspectors in their database, which is on their web site. To see if you are on the system and have an approval number, simply go to the DOS web site and click on Licensees, then Home Inspector, then your name or leave it blank for the list of all Licensed Home Inspectors.

Good Luck to all ANCHI Members who successfully received their license in NYS

Thanks for the reminder. I just received my “letter of authorization” from NYDOS today after three weeks of phone calls trying to discover the status of my license application! I was told repeatedly that everything was in order, then asked for some small tidbit of information regarding my insurance or… Anyway, it’s finally done and I can get back to work!
Wendell Cook
NACHI member,
NY license# 16000006538 (Hooray!)

Got my NYS license# today:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
License# 16000010610

Hi! James;
I think you should check your Lic # I think you mixed up some digits ???
I might be wrong but everyones starts with 16 then 00000 and then your last four numbers, please check so you don’t do all your printing and then have to throw it out.
Regards Len

His numbering sequence might be correct…it simply means that the State has passed the 9999 mark.

You might be correct but I just didn’t want him to waste his money on printing, if it was a mistake. On websites and other stuff it’s no problem you just change it.


Would that mean over 10,000 NY inspectors ???

By the way who got the first license number ???

Len, thank’s for your concern. I was also surprised at only 4 0"s instead of the usual 5 that we have seen so far. But the letter of authorization lists my business and myself as UID# 16000010610


Bill do you know anything about Connecticut Reciprocity with NY for home inspectors lic thanks Dennis Melandro